Want Clean Tap Water Without a Filter? The Amazing Herb That Can Do This

The Amazing Herb for Clean Tap WaterDid you know that cilantro is not just a refreshing and tasty herb, but it’s also an amazing water purifier?

It’s true!  Cilantro has qualities in its cellular structure that give it powerful purifying properties, by allowing it to absorb harmful chemicals and heavy metals such as led and nickel.

In fact, this wonder herb can remove all the usual heavy metals found in tap water such as:  fluoride, aluminum, chloride, chlorine and lithium – to name a few.

Want to know what’s really shocking about some tap water?   Studies testing local water supplies have found small traces of pharmaceuticals – including antibiotics, hormones, mood stabilizers and other drugs.  Amazingly, cilantro has been proven to remove these chemicals as well.

To clean your tap water with cilantro, just add a small amount to your glass or a handful to your pitcher.  And dried cilantro can be put in tea bags and placed in a pitcher of water.

An added benefit – think of the amount of water bottles and water filters you can cut down on by using this new method instead.

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