The Truth about GIANT Strawberries at the Supermarkets these days

The Truth about Giant StrawberriesIs it just me or is anyone else a little freaked out by those mutant strawberries we’re seeing more and more of these days?   They remind me of science fiction movies where experiments go bad and something ends up gigantic or multiplying too much.

My family thinks they’re great – ‘The bigger the better!’ is their motto.  Not me, though.  And here’s my reasons:

Chemicals used as ripening agents and fruit-expanders are added to the fertilizers of many strawberry crops now-a-days to make them grow abnormally huge.   These chemicals essentially speed up and change the growth of the plants at their cellular level.  Although these chemicals are added to the soil and not directly sprayed onto the fruit, there still could be trace amounts on the strawberries.  And, as we’ve come to learn, chemicals like these pose dangers to our health.

Don’t forget that fruits are already sprayed with pesticides to keep away insects.

Organic and locally grown strawberries are the best options for avoiding unhealthy chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides.  But the price is usually really high and they aren’t always available.

If you’re thinking that bigger strawberries mean you’re getting more nutrients – think again.  They actually have less nutrition than normal size strawberries.

Here are five things to look for when buying strawberries:
  1. Normal strawberries are heart shaped. Huge strawberries have weird shapes.  Those thin, pointy shaped strawberries are also the unhealthier ones.
  2. Normal strawberries are usually all red. Huge strawberries can have uneven colors.  For instance, they could have green at the bottom.
  3. Normal strawberries have golden colored seeds. Huge strawberries have seeds that tend to be red.
  4. The inside of a normal strawberry is usually red. The inside of a huge strawberry is usually white.
  5. Normal strawberries are very sweet. Huge strawberries are almost tasteless.

The best thing you can do, no matter which type of strawberry you buy, is to wash them just before eating them.  Place them in a strainer and run cool water over them for at least thirty seconds, while you move them around with your hand.

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