Secrets to Happiness #1

Secrets of Happiness #1 - you’re watching soap operas with these two children.  (Yes, isn’t it funny to think soap operas are still on?)  If you’re too young to even know about soap operas, just imagine you’re binge watching the latest drama show with these two cuties.

Hours later you ask them to explain what was happening in the shows.  With all the characters and the drama that was playing out in front of their eyes – ask them what was really going on.  Could they give you any sort of coherent answer that showed they understood?  No, right?

Now, think about this for a second:   Those are the ages that many of our beliefs were formed.  That was our level of understanding.  Our beliefs are what we’ve decided in our minds to be true about ourselves, about other people, and about the world.   And our beliefs are basically running our lives.  Let me just say it one more time this way:


Our attitudes, our outlooks, our ambitions, our fears, etc. – are all based on our underlying beliefs.  They are results.  Let me give you an analogy.  The water coming out of all the faucets and pipes in your home are like your attitudes, etc.  Where does all that water come from?  The city or town’s water supply or your well – that’s the source (that’s your beliefs).

So, if you are stuck; if you have problems that keep showing up year after year – the best place to head to is your subconscious mind where your beliefs are stored.  You can start becoming aware of what beliefs you have and then work at changing them around.

You might be saying right now that any problems you have are all caused by other people or situations.  And, sorry to say, but in many cases, you’d be wrong:(  Your underlying beliefs are still the cause.  Say, for instance, you have an obnoxious boss at a crappy job that you hate.  I could come up with a page full of negative beliefs a person could be operating under that is causing them to stay in that situation.

So, do you want to make some positive changes in your life?  What are your beliefs?

Thanks for reading!

Paula Sullivan
Author of Simply Being Happy
Visualization and Affirmation Expert


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