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I’m new to this whole blogging world, but so not new to this whole subject of happiness.  In fact, I think I’ve been studying it all my life.  Even as a little kid, I’ve been fascinated as to why some people are really happy and why others aren’t so much.

Can you relate?

Now, for a little story about me:

When I was five, my father would pick me up everyday from morning Kindergarten and take me with him to the library, so he could read his daily papers.  The end.

Why did I share this adorable, but seemingly insignificant little story with you?   Because, first of all, I’m supposed to fill this whole ‘About’ page up with everything about myself and my family and my friends and my hobbies and likes and dislikes – and I’m so not into that.  So, I’m hoping this story continued below will fill up the page.

And the second reason (that’s way more important) is because I believe it’s why I’m writing this right now; why I wrote my book; and why I’ve learned so many incredible things about our world that I just really want to share with you.

Did I love reading as a little kid because of our daily trips to the library?  No (or at least I didn’t realize it at the time).   I liked being outside having fun.  Although, now that I think about it, I LOVED getting those Scholastic book catalogs every few months at school.  Remember them?  God, did I love cutting out that form and filling it out every time.   Remember putting an ‘x’ in the little box next to the book or poster you wanted?   And then I’d need to gather up the $2.00 or so to stick in the envelope.  I’d usually end up finding the last few cents I needed somewhere around the house – maybe in the couch cushions or someplace like that.

Did I love reading when I got to high school?  Hell, no.  In fact, I thought I hated reading at that point.  All those awful books we had to read in English class.  Those dark, depressing classics that had profound life lessons – yuck.  I barely made it through any of them.

But, it turns out that being around books that year when I was a little kid had a profound effect on me.  I’ve read and continue to read hundreds of books on this subject that is so near and dear to me.   I feel like an amateur sleuth – like Nancy Drew in all those mysteries.  I’ve just kept delving deeper and deeper into how our minds work and how our world operates.

And I know I have so much to tell you about!

So, stop by when you can.  .  .  .

and thanks for reading!


P.S.  Just bear with me. . .

I know I’m supposed to be posting often and connecting on facebook and tweeting and pinning and all that other stuff.  But, these things don’t come naturally to me.  I’m a little behind the times.

And besides, I’m out hitting the pavement with my new book – like attending author events and book signings; doing interviews; learning the publishing world; getting my book into stores; writing contributing articles in newspapers, etc.

So, if my social media pages look like their sprouting virtual cobwebs and I don’t publish a new blog post every week, know that I’m still around and still have plenty of things to tell you about.  And, always feel free to email me anytime at paula@simplybeinghappy.com.

See you around!

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