A Hidden Secret to Happiness Found in a Glass of Soda

A Hidden Secret to Happiness - simplybeinghappy.com (1)-minHave you ever started worrying about something and then hours later, realize that you’ve spent most of the day replaying this same thing over and over again in the back of your mind?

And are many of these fears ones that you’ve already reminded yourself plenty of times that they aren’t worth worrying over?  You know they’re just old fears that have no basis, yet, they keep coming up.

Ridding yourself of this kind of worry can make a huge difference in your happiness.  And here is a simple technique that can help.  It’s not a quick fix, though.   Since a habit of worrying is something that usually gets ingrained pretty deeply in some of us.  But, it’s easy.   And if you just keep practicing, it will eventually begin to stick.

Here it is in an excerpt from my book, Simply Being Happy:

Famous minister, radio host, and author Norman Vincent Peale, in his book Positive Imaging, tells a great story of a man who taught himself a unique way to clear his mind of negative thoughts.

The man had been plagued with all sorts of worries and fears. He was listening one day to Peale give a talk on his radio show on the importance of emptying the mind of doubts, apprehensions, and negative thoughts. At that particular moment, the man was holding a glass of Sprite.

He looked at the glass and noticed the bubbles rising from the bottom, one by one, moving up through the soda, reaching the surface, then breaking and disappearing into nothingness.

“This analogy struck him so forcibly, he decided to use this image during the day and at night, before falling asleep,” Peale wrote.

The man began regularly visualizing the image of his worries and fears rising up like bubbles from deep inside him and breaking into nothingness.  He kept practicing this day after day whenever these bothersome thoughts popped up and was astounded at how different his life was after a while.

If you’re doubting that something as simple as this can work, just give it a try.  Techniques like this have been used by well-known and respected doctors for decades.  There’s also plenty of science that explains that visualizations like this really do work.

You’ll be amazed at how you can begin to feel.  And how you can slowly but surely start to clear out your old, useless worries for good.

Thanks for reading!

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Author of Simply Being Happy
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