5 Scientific Reasons Why Affirmations Can Improve Your Life

5 Scientific Reasons Why Affirmations Can Improve Your Life - simplybeinghappy.com-min“Of course I talk to myself.  Sometimes I need an expert opinion.”
Carl Spackler (Bill Murray)
the greenskeeper, Caddyshack

I have a question for you:

Do you talk to yourself?   Yes_____   No______

If you checked ‘No’, sorry, but you’re incorrect!

We actually talk to ourselves all day long.  We have a running dialogue in the back of our minds as we interpret the world around us.  This all happens so fast that we aren’t even aware.

If you are someone who spends too much time being worried, stressed, frustrated or in other negative modes, your self-talk is more negative than positive.   Affirmations can help.  Affirmations are simply positive statements you say to yourself to turn your negative self-talk around.  They are basically a tool you can use for a better life.

Here are some scientific reasons why affirmations work:

  1. Our subconscious minds run our lives in the background of our days. We essentially have two minds – our conscious mind and our subconscious mind.  Many of us mistakenly assume that our conscious minds are always in control, but that’s not so.  Our subconscious minds are 95% more powerful than our conscious minds.
  2. Our subconscious minds are made up of everything we’ve experienced from the time we were born. Even before.  They are one huge storage house of everything we’ve ever seen, felt, heard, thought about, imagined, etc.  And they are continuing to file away everything that we take in.  This is our programming.  Our programming has formed our beliefs and our habits.  Our beliefs are basically what we believe to be true about ourselves, about other people, and about the world.
  3. Many of our beliefs were formed when we were young kids. The problem is that some of these beliefs are false, because we were too young to understand everything that was really going on.  For example, maybe you were an active kid, so you got punished a lot for not behaving.  This might have been laced with lots of angry looks and feelings towards you.  So, you formed the belief that you were bad in some way.  As an adult now, you can understand that a little kid who is active is just being a kid who needs guidance and support.  Even though you know this on a conscious level, you might still be operating your life under that false pretense.   Being unhappy in different areas of your life is a sign that old false beliefs are still there.
  4. Many of the beliefs we have are in the form of fears. There fears often hold us back from progressing in life and we don’t even know it.  Some of us are not very good at being aware of our fears or facing them, yet we tend to get really creative at making up excuses for them.
  5. One way to tap into our subconscious minds and change the programming is with words. Our minds translate our words into images and feelings.  Try it out:  Say the word, ‘puppy’.  What came up in that millisecond was most likely an image of a cute little puppy and attached to that image was a cuddly, soft feeling.  Unless you were freakishly mauled by a strange mutant puppy at some point.  Then the image and feelings would most likely be negative and fearful.

Think for a second how it feels to hear words like, “I’m not strong.”  “I can’t.”  Some of us say statements like this to ourselves all day long.  Now, take a few seconds to really FEEL the statements, “I AM STRONG!”  “I CAN!”  Quite different, right?

When you begin saying affirmations, you are using the power of words, along with repetition, to install new beliefs into your subconscious mind.  Over time, these new beliefs will start taking over in amazing ways!

Thanks for reading!

Paula Sullivan
Author of Simply Being Happy
Visualization and Affirmation Expert

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