How Visualization Can Make You Happier
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How 5 Minutes of Visualization a Day Can Make You Happier

“The source and center of all man’s creative power. . .
is his power of making images, or the power of imagination.”
Robert Collier

When you read the word visualization, what came to your mind?  Images of people sitting in a field chanting and humming, imagining themselves floating on clouds all day?  That sort of depicts the funny misconception many people have about visualization. It wasn’t anything we were ever taught by our parents or at school and it just seems really  ‘out there’.

But, the thing with visualization is that it’s basically how our mind operates.  We think in pictures. And if you are not happy or as happy as you can be – then the pictures that are stored in your mind and that keep playing over and over in the background of your life – are negative.  It’s that simple.

States like stress, fear and worry – habits of mind that many people just assume are the way life is – are actually the result of the thoughts, beliefs, IMAGES and feelings stored in a person’s subconscious mind.

The good news is:  You Can Change Them!  Visualization is one of the tools to do this.  How could it be any other way? We Think in Pictures!  So, the way to change all the negative images and scenes that are playing constantly in our minds and are holding us back from being happier – is to replace them.

Right about now you’re probably saying that visualization isn’t going to turn your awful boss into a nice guy or your crappy paycheck into a hefty one. But, to be honest, the thoughts, beliefs, images and feelings that are stored in your mind are all keeping you there.  Think of the term self-image. It’s essentially the pictures you have of yourself. So, the pictures you have of yourself could be that you aren’t worthy of anymore than you have; you aren’t someone who is capable of achieving something better, etc.

You might still be saying that you wouldn’t be caught doing something as silly as visualizing. That it’s odd and out of touch with reality.  But, let me give you another example. Say you are afraid of something like public speaking. That’s an easy one, since statistics show that this is the number one fear people have.  

Ok, so you would never speak in public and you never have to.  That’s fine. But, what if this fear was holding you back from advancing in your career?  Let’s think what this fear is really about. What comes to your mind when you think of yourself speaking in front of people?

Images of you forgetting what to say, messing up, being embarrassed and the entire audience laughing at you, then shunning you from society and you could never ever come out of your house again.  You’d have to quit your job and move.

Ok, I’m exaggerating, but I think you get the point.  The worse that could probably happen is that you mess up, you are embarrassed, people are embarrassed for you, they might even laugh at you and think you are a crappy speaker.  Big deal.

Now, imagine you have to give a presentation at work and instead of refusing and giving in to your negative thoughts, images and beliefs that have always run through your mind about public speaking – you say ‘yes’ instead?  Then, you visualize yourself for five minutes a day for a week or so actually giving a good presentation. You would be taking a giant step at using the tool of visualization to create a better life for yourself.

We all know that famous athletes use visualization regularly.  Why not start using it yourself regularly? Why not start changing your worries and fears and stresses around?

Visualization is powerful!  And you can use it in any area of your life.  

Need to get healthy?  Start seeing yourself as a healthy person.  Start picturing yourself eating good food and exercising.  Start picturing what you’re going to look like as that healthier person.  Visualize yourself walking down the street, strutting your stuff. Add plenty of details to the scenes.  

And also add FEELINGS.  Because our feelings are so important!  Deep down inside, we are all striving to feel good.  

Lastly, keep visualizing this often – every day, as much as you can.  No one has to know. After a while, these new images will start taking over.  

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What could you start visualizing for yourself?  

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