2 Routines to Increase Your Happiness
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2 Quick Nighttime Routines That Will Increase Your Happiness

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition will one day become a reality.”
Earl Nightingale

Do you want to become happier?  Do you want to have less stress and more joy?  Less worries and more peace? Then the best thing you can do is to realize that our happiness lies in our subconscious minds.  

This entire website is focused around that truth.  And in every post, I give tips and tools for reaching into your subconscious mind and changing the old negative programming  to get happier.

Here is an interesting fact:  Our subconscious minds never sleep. They are always going, even when we are sleeping.  And they never get tired. It is like when you are working late and at one point you just stop and say, “I’m done for now, my mind is shot, and I need to rest.” The interesting thing is that your mind isn’t what has gotten tired. It’s your physical body, your eyes, all of your muscles, etc. that are exhausted at that point.  But, not your subconscious mind.

Our subconscious minds are like the Energizer Bunny—they keep going and going.

Several decades ago, Dr. Ben Sweetland, a psychologist and syndicated columnist, taught that while we are sleeping is one of the best times to reprogram our minds for success and happiness. While your conscious mind is asleep along with the rest of you, your subconscious mind can be at work clearing out old beliefs and images that are holding you back and replacing them with positive ones.  It can also work on ideas and solutions to problems.

The reason sleep is such a good time for reprogramming is since your conscious mind is asleep, it is essentially out of the way.

You might be thinking that having your subconscious mind working when it should be sleeping sounds exhausting. It seems like you wouldn’t be able to get a good night’s sleep this way. But the opposite is actually true. You’ll sleep more soundly.

And here’s the reason. Many of us are used to taking our problems to bed with us. What is often the last thing we are thinking about when we fall asleep? Is it negative stuff from the day, worries about tomorrow, and so on? Remember, our subconscious minds never sleep anyway. So these problems are what it concentrates on all night long.

When you intentionally start feeding your mind with positive, happy, uplifting thoughts and goals to work on, that’s what it gets busy with. That’s when those positive thoughts start building up in your subconscious mind and, subsequently, in your life.

Another thing is that our subconscious minds are connected to our intuition. That’s why answers, ideas and solutions to problems will come to you. Did you ever wake up after a good night’s sleep with a great idea or an answer to a question that had been on your mind?

Here are two ways to reprogram your subconscious mind before bed:

Here’s the First Routine:

1. Give it instructions right before falling asleep. When you settle into bed, spend a minute or so telling your subconscious mind exactly what you’d like it to work on while you are asleep. Then it will come up with ideas for your projects and goals, solutions to your problems, etc. And then that’s it. Just relax and fall off to sleep.

Here is an important point: You are now ready to drift off to sleep free of any conscious thoughts. In other words, you are not to work on these ideas yourself. That’s your subconscious mind’s job. You just want to clear your mind and sleep peacefully.

Here’s the Second Routine:

2.   Right before falling off to sleep, imagine you are living the life of your dreams.  Imagine it is the end of the day, and you are incredibly happy and confident and successful or whatever adjectives fit here. You might be visualizing that you are in a big, luxurious bed in your gorgeous bedroom in your beautiful home. You can feel your silk pajamas, the Egyptian cotton sheets, the soft feather pillow, the fresh flowers on your nightstand, etc.

You are remembering all the events from the day with pride and contentment, for example. Maybe you spent a beautiful day with your family and friends or a full day at your dream job. The world is your oyster here.

You could be imagining that you are relaxing by a fire in your rustic dream cabin.

You worked for hours earlier in your lush garden.

You can smell the ocean from your open window.

You just got back from an exciting trip.

Whatever you want it to be.

How do you feel? What is it like? This is the feeling you want to fall asleep in.

As spiritual teacher and author, Neville Goddard explained,

“Live in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, functioning in it and thinking from it.”
Neville Goddard

“Imagine you are already what you want to be and then feel the way you would expect to feel under such circumstances. And use plenty of sensory vividness,” as Goddard explains.

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After you try either one of these practices, would you like to share how it went?

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