3 New Cleansing Breath Techniques to Refresh Your Days

Three New Cleansing Breath TechniquesHow busy are all of us these days?   Seriously, isn’t there just so much we want to do and need to get done in the course of a typical weekday?   Sometimes, it can feel like every minute is assigned to bustle and activity.

We all have our usual break times and even quiet moments here and there.  Times when we sort of stop and sneak in a few minutes for ourselves – like checking emails or scrolling around Facebook and Instagram, for example.  Or maybe relaxing with a cup of coffee at Dunkin Donuts for ten minutes.

But, when you learn to stop and take a few cleansing breaths, you will be adding so much more to your days than these run of the mill breaks.  They not only help us to relax and re-charge, but they can actually improve our health and our overall happiness.

And what’s nice about cleansing breaths is that you don’t need to go hide away in the yoga position.  You can practice them anytime and anywhere – even in a crowd full of people.  Whether you are standing or sitting, all you need is a few seconds or a few minutes.

“Think of cleansing breaths for your mind and energy as
what water is for your body—cleansing and refreshing.”
Paula Sullivan


  1. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose, bringing the air all the way in to your lungs as if it’s filling up your belly. You want your belly to be expanding, not your chest.
  2. Pause for a second or two.
  3. Breathe out slowly through pursed lips as if you are letting the air out of a balloon. Make sure to get all the air out. Another good way of exhaling is dropping open your mouth and breathing out from your throat.
  4. Pause for a few seconds.
  5. Repeat.

And that’s it.  As you do this breathing, think about the air as it enters your nose, passes through your body and then makes its way out your mouth and lips.


You can take cleansing breaths up a notch by imagining during your in-breath that you are inhaling fresh, cleansing air. Feel it refreshing all the cells in your mind and body.

And on your out-breath, picture what’s coming out as tension, or anything else you want to let go of at the moment.  It could be frustration, anger, worry, etc.


You can take it up a notch further by visualizing during your in-breath that you are inhaling peace, love, awareness, confidence, forgiveness, or anything else you might be wanting at the moment.

The same goes for your out-breath. You can even visualize that specific negative thoughts, feelings, habits or beliefs are clearing out of your mind and body.   What has been holding you back?  What causes you unnecessary stress in your days?  Imagine all this negative energy leaving your body.

Start adding cleansing breaths into your days and email me to let me know how it’s going at paula@simplybeinghappy.com.

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