Secrets to Happiness #3

“Our beliefs can move us forward in life, or they can hold us back.” Oprah Winfrey That’s exactly what this wall is made of – our beliefs!   Like Oprah said, if you are not moving forward in any area of your life, it’s because of […]

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Secrets to Happiness #2

 (Instructions:  Speak this in a deep, humming voice:) “Ommmmmmm.  As I look into the crystal ball I can read the minds of people I saw today. . . Tom at work didn’t say ‘hi’ again – He thinks I’m below him. Julie was looking at […]

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Secrets to Happiness #1

Imagine you’re watching soap operas with these two children.  (Yes, isn’t it funny to think soap operas are still on?)  If you’re too young to even know about soap operas, just imagine you’re binge watching the latest drama show with these two cuties. Hours later […]

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